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Transponder Keys Service

If you have used transponder keys yourself, then you already know they make getting in and out of the car easy. You can open car doors without sticking the key in the lock, you can remotely open the trunk, you can activate and deactivate the car alarm. Some even start the car remotely.

Transponder keys, also called “transponder chips,” are actually ignition keys for your vehicle that send out a radio signal. Essentially, that means that when you use a chip key to start your car, the key is actually emitting a radio signal to the computer of your automobile, telling it to start.

Transponder keys are superior to traditional keys because “chip” keys are very difficult to copy. They are difficult to duplicate because each transponder key has a code, which matches the car’s built-in computer. That means that even if someone attempted to duplicate the transponder chip, the code would not match the car, rendering it useless.

At Raleigh Locksmith we know everything there is to know regarding transponder keys. We professionally fix, program, or duplicate them, applying the locksmith solution that’s perfect for your particular circumstances.

The experienced automotive locksmith experts here at Raleigh Locksmith offer our customers the best product advice in transponder keys, and essentially the best locksmith services in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, and at very reasonable prices.

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